Star Glass

Star Glass

The crystal glass has been taken at the highest levels of purity and perfection in the chemical formulation. Effective research and development has intervened on refractive index, resulting in a variation that has led to clear improvements in terms of neutrality of the colour of the glass.

Star Glass is an innovation in the field of raw materials and products are excellent in brightness: thanks to the new refractive index Star Glass equals crystal, while preserving  more lightness and ease of use: the new formulation allows for maximum neutrality of glass and the total absence of shades of colour and impurities.
This is an important plus for professional wine tasting, as it allows to appreciate the colour of the wine without distortions, and for those who search for their table a product of particular value and elegance.
Star Glass guarantees resistance to wear and washing, also in industrial environments, and unlike the crystal is doesn’t contain lead. This allows it to be fully recyclable, friendly to the environment and the final consumer.

Brightness and Trasparency

It’s first in brightness and has aesthetic values comparable to those of crystal combined with greater lightness and ease of use. The new formulation allows for maximum neutrality of the glass and the absence of colour shades and impurities.


It’s first in resistance and proves particularly resistant to use and washings in the dishwasher, also industrial, maintaining in time their own aesthetic characteristics.

Respect for the environment

It’s first in respect for the environment because the absence of lead can produce a perfectly recyclable glass, friendly to the environment and the final consumer.