Al sinds 1989 gespecialiseerd in het bedrukken van Glas & Porselein.

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The crystal glass of the company Luigi Bormioli has always been produced with the purest of raw materials, without the use of lead and with advanced technological processes.
The glass thus manufactured presents an extremely high level of transparency and brilliance.

Different types of glass are rated according to an international classification.
The class to which each type of glass belongs is determined solely on the basis of the raw materials it contains.
In order, however, to obtain absolute transparency, purity and resistance, other extremely important factors are also involved, such as the technological processes employed. These properties can be only evaluated objectively through quantitative measures. Such measures are widely adopted by Luigi Bormioli.

Ever since the creation of the first crystal glass by our in-house research team, Luigi Bormioli has continued to invest in research. After approximately eighteen months of tests, our Research Laboratories created a new type of glass (without lead), radically improving upon the properties of the current type of glass, particularly with regards to mechanical and chemical properties and enhancing considerably its optical properties. This new material, named SON.hyx, is obtained through advanced technological processes, and it is a high performance crystal glass with a sonority index (acoustic properties) typical of that of precious glass.

SON.hyx, crystal glass is one step ahead due to the fact that its properties are quantitatively measurable, excellent and deserving universal recognition.

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