Al sinds 1989 gespecialiseerd in het bedrukken van Glas & Porselein.

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The new generation glass.
Pure, sparkling and durable. Lead and other heavy metal free.

The experience acquired with SON.hyx together with our professional partnership with the most prestigious brands in the luxury perfume industry, has been the driving force behind the development of a new glass.
The new raw material employed, the electric melting process and the application of new production systems have lead our Research Department to the accomplishment of a new formulation:

Luigi Bormioli Research Team by means of spectrophotometric measures has obtained this new glass outstandingly transparent and sparkling.
The outcoming measures are extremely in line with the consumers perception of quality and transparence.
This new material has an extremely low iron content so that it does not interfere with both the transparency and the colorimetric purity of glass.
Furthermore, Sparkx is lead and other heavy metal free. Sparkx is classified Ultraclear according to ISO/PAS IWA 8:2009.

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